the hive
Team: Sanjana Paramhans, Utsav Shah
Project Type: Public Structure
Location: Mexico
I worked to design an emergency house model for the low-income population in Mexico. For this challenge, the solution had to be made mostly out of wood, since that is the most easily available and cheap material in Mexico.

There were also size restrictions, and the design had to be modular and able to be built by hand, without the use of any electrically used equipment. Here, I decided to create a hexagonal shaped module, with each of the 6 walls of the hexagon being a custom panel, depending on the size of the family. There are separate modules for the bathroom and kitchen, again depending on each family’s individual needs.

the hive
Growth into a larger scale settlement
Render with module breakdown
A breakdown of the different modules available to create
a desired build out based on the needs of each family. This is sample of selection of a family of Four.
the module
The plan has been created in such a a way that it can grow as per the needs of every individual family and the community.
Axon of the modules coming together
The built-out
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