Mies Van
Der Rohe Pavillion
Team: Elisava Master's in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces.
Project Type: Exhibition Design
Location: Barcelona
Simultaneously a vestige and a speculative opportunity, the fragment of the pavilion has come to us in a transportable, movable and therefore in a format that is easy to decontextualize. Critically inhabiting this limbo between historical burden and emancipation will be the object of reflection in this exhibition.
We understood the history of this architecture as a cyclical succession of death and birth. Significantly, while we were setting the installation, a piece of the travertine flooring broke. Ate lluricomen, that breakage revealed once again that the pavilion was alive and dead at the same time. It lives because it has the ability to continue to transform, and it dies because the broken piece spoke, once again, of its fragility, connected to a replica of itself.

Mies Van Der Rohe Pavillion
Rocking the accident is the story of a construction-destruction construction that reflects on the rich history of the German Pavilion built for the 1929 International Exhibition In Barcelona. At the same time, it considers current events that transcend material culture and call into question our memory and ethics. We believe that the pavilion’s history and its context embrace and exalt the grudges and desires we come to tell.
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