Scope: 2500 SQ FT, Design Iteration, FF&E, Construction Admin, Material Selection, DOB filings.
Project Type: Hospitality
Location: New York, NY
Further along, this opens up into a large relaxed living room, with comfortable furniture and fireplace, to while away the hours.

This project was completed under the lead and guidance of Wid Chapman Architects. More info on this project can be found at - Wid Chapman Architects.
The front dining and bar is comfortable and inviting, lined with rustic plaster walls and plant specimen-filled “laboratory” cabinets. The bar is separated from dining by a custom metal and wood screen, which also houses a drink rail. In the next room one discovers a casual indoor “garden” room with a whimsical low wood-clad plant wall and dynamic Manhattan-inspired mural .
The design conjures up a modern club house open to all. The restaurant holds a myriad of surprises, unfolding and leading the guest to lounge, mingle and relax. The restaurant features three distinct areas- the front dining and bar; the middle lounge and the back Living Room.
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