Scope: 1,300 Sq Ft, Design Development, Finishes, Fixtures, Furniture, Contractor Bids
Project Type: Hospitality
Location: New York, NY
Our client’s brief was to create a restaurant that was fun and representative of Indian “wabi-sabi”—known as “jugaad” in Hindi—the idea that there is art and use in broken things…that the non-conventional can be useful and valuable, a nod to the innovative spirit of humanity. The restaurant is named after a Hindi word that means an explosion…a “bang and blast” that the new venue’s chef is creating with his street-food inspired cuisine. Our design for the restaurant is a bold and kinetic interpretation of these two sentiments.
Backlighting the sculptural forms emphasizes the negative space between them. This project was completed under the lead and guidance of Wid Chapman Architects. More info on this project can be found at - Wid Chapman Architects.
Located in the dynamic setting of New York’s brand-new Essex Market, we also sought to visually express the city’s ongoing movement and change. The wall sculptures provide a “shattered” canvas, shards of objects that hint at a whole, but one that cannot be re-created.
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