Can guineu
Team: Elisava Master's in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces.
Project Type: Public Structure
Location: Barcelona, Spain
The installation consists of a square wooden platform, which is folded by 3 edges with different inclinations creating a topography inside the cloister that allows people to walk, rest or just be there. This floor together with a high metal curtain acts as a counterpoint creating the whole intervention.
This project satisfies the assignment made by the City Council of Sant SadurnĂ­ d'Anoia to design and produce a temporary installation inside the cloister of the farmhouse of Can Guineu, as a claim and activator of the spring and summer cultural activities of Sant SadurnĂ­ d'Anoia. Thus, becoming a space of the route of cultural spaces of the city, and at the same time, it can lodge cultural activities of diverse character.
The idea was to create a memorable experience that explores the qualities of the ruin the installation sits in while highlighting the passage of time.

Can guineu
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