Camera obscura
Team: Elisava Master's in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces.
Project Type: Public Structure
Location: Barcelona, Spain
As you enter the camera, you cross the line between reality and representation, between the actual image and the latent image, between the real and its perception, between truth and simulacrum, witnessing the pure birth of the image, of representation and its construction in contemporary society. Camera Obscura: Visions from the Ephemeral invites the viewer to delve into different experiences of looking through a series of elements and optical challenges. The first two parts, "Cylinder" and "SneakPeek" , encourage us play and help us discover optical distortions, giving us a unique, individual, futuristic, and abstract perspective of the world we're looking at and therefore its representation.
Visions of the ephemeral - This project offers a critical look at the issue of image saturation through the construction of a large camera that doesn't take photographs, but generates latent images, hypothetical and real, and in order to perceive them you have to get inside them.
Camera obscura
We are constantly being bombarded by images. We can't understand the world anymore except from the standpoint of visual saturation, the constant, fleeting and changeable production of millions of photographs every second - the world has been transformed into images. These images construct our perception; they are our way of seeing and understanding reality and, paradoxically, most of the time they are empty of meaning. They are images without memory. The Platonic rejection of the image that has shaped our thinking about representation in the contemporary framework already foresaw a world governed by those responsible for generating images.
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