As a designer, I am constantly inspired by human interactions with their environment. This fuels my love for creating optimal habitable spaces. Having traveled extensively I have been exposed to various architectural precedents, cultures, and people I often find myself reflecting back on those experiences while designing. I strongly believe that design stimulates people to behave a certain way—it can condition and control their actions and reactions.

Over the past few years, I have worked on a variety of residential, commercial, and retail mixed-use projects. Along with being a finalist at the United Nations and Ikea Foundation, for my solution to refugee housing I have worked on several projects designed to serve a social impact.

I specialise in
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Experiential design
Creating optimal habitable spaces inspired by human interactions with their environment.
Design research
Applying design thinking and creative problem-solving techniques to develop innovative solutions that address social challenges, such as designing new products, services, or systems.
Ephemeral architecture
Installations, pop-ups, pavilions, exhibitions, event structures, and other temporary architectural interventions contribute to the concept of temporary urbanism, which seeks to activate underutilized spaces. These spaces also serve as marketing tools and platforms to engage with users in a memorable way.
Social activation
Creating engaging and transformative experiences, to motivate and empower individuals to take action. Leverage design methodologies to foster community engagement and drive positive change.
Design is not just about pretty lights and wallpaper, it can also be an enabler of social change.
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