5th ave residence
Scope: 3000 SQ FT, Millwork, Material Selection.
Project Type: Residencial
Location: Brooklyn, NY
The brief for this 4 bed, 4.5 bath apartment was to totally reconfigure and reshape the rabbit-warren extant rooms to defer to the apartment’s sweeping Central Park views while providing public and private spaces that naturally unfolded and merged, balancing the need for privacy with familial/communal living.
5th ave residence
This project was completed under the lead and guidance of Wid Chapman Architects. Projected completed under the guidance of Wid Chapman Architects. More info on this project can be found at - Wid Chapman Architects
Instead of creating a hard walls and standard doorways, we shaped and angled the walls opposite the park views, similar to arms embracing the large communal space and views beyond.
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